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  • Ribbon Packing Machine
    Ribbon Packing Machine
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    KYT-600 Ribbon Packing Machine use for webbing packing and stacking into boxes. Through fast and continuous operating machine the tapes are nearly folded and piled in the carton. The swing range and speed is adjustable to match the carton size. The machine also equips with pressing function and carton auto- hoist device, packing two tapes simultaneously. With rapid packing and easy operation, the model is very high- efficiency. Not apply to tape which is stiff material or bentsurface not allowed.,rojo rabona

  • Horizontal Packing Machine
    Horizontal Packing Machine
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    365 kabaddi com,KY-99 Horizontal Packing Machine also known as festooning machine, can adjust packing speed, length and measurement can be set, auto- stop operation; digital control and programmed running, independent control, easy operation and layered packing. Apply to packing 1.5cm elastic or non-elastic tape with different size.

  • Ribbon Rolling Packing Machine
    Ribbon Rolling Packing Machine
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    KY-515 Ribbon Rolling Packing Machine adopts a clutch motor with simple operation, can take-up any type of ribbon. The ribbon rolling packing machine uses a mechanical counter to calculate the take-up length, low failure rate and high productivity. Apply to packing 3/8"~4" elastic, or non-elastic tape with different size.,sports bets

  • Dual-use Ribbon Packing Machine
    Dual-use Ribbon Packing Machine
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    pasion com,KY-518 Dual-use Ribbon Packing Machine the packing types like rolls (disc), bobbin (cylinder, spool) and cards. Each winding length, quantity and mobile cycle can be easily set by the microcomputer. Extremely flexible range of applications and high winding performance. Apply to packing 1.5cm elastic or non-elastic tape with different size.

  • Webbing Packing Machine Series
    Webbing Packing Machine Series

    bet cricket,Webbing packing machine suitable all types of webbing to packing, simple distinction the pack ways into box-type and roll-type packing machines. The roller type packing machine including rolls (disc), bobbin (cylinder, spool) and cards, according to customer webbing material, thickness, width and packaging method for selecting the packing machine, achieve good packaging quality and packaging efficiency.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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