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Updated Jun 08, 2021 | 06:02 IST
World Oceans Day [Representative image]
World Oceans Day [Representative image] 
  • The ocean covers three quarters or 70 per cent of our Earth's surface.
  • The ocean provides and regulates our rainwater, coastlines, weather, climate, food, and the oxygen we inhale.

New Delhi: The United Nations has proclaimed June 8 as World Oceans Day to spread awareness of the critical roles the ocean plays to make planet Earth habitable, and to support endeavours to reverse the deterioration of the ocean’s health. The celebration of World Oceans Day has gone virtual due to the pandemic situation, but the threat to the well-being of this large water body today is more real than ever.

Human beings do not exist in a terrestrial bubble. Ocean - the marine realm of the Earth’s biosphere provides and regulates our drinking water, rainwater, coastlines, weather, climate, food, and even the oxygen we inhale. Human beings depend on the ocean and their lives have an impact on the ocean and species living under the water.

The ocean's systems produce nearly 50 per cent of the Earth’s oxygen and buffer global warming impact by absorbing 30 per cent of human-generated carbon dioxide. More than three billion people are dependent on marine and waterfront biodiversity for subsistence. Furthermore, the ocean performs climate change mitigation functions; over 90 per cent of the excess heat of the Earth’s climate system has been absorbed by the ocean.

Scientific understanding is that the ocean’s health is now severely affected, with changes and losses in the structure and function of marine systems due to human activities. Anthropogenic factors have axed 90 per cent of the population of big marine fish, destroyed 50 per cent of coral reefs, made the ocean warmer, and more acidic. Over the last few decades, the concentrations of microplastics -- tiny plastic particles not more than 5mm diameter -- appear to have risen significantly in the ocean's surface waters, threatening marine and coastal biodiversity. 

A healthy ocean is vital for healthy humans, but the way we're treating our ocean seems we have taken them for granted, exposing them to numerous protection risks. If destruction continues at the present rate, then the ocean, instead of supporting life on the blue planet, will need to be placed on life support. This would trigger a domino effect as all Earth systems are interconnected. Therefore, protecting what's 70 per cent of our planet's surface is crucial to preserve what’s on land. 

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